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Indulge in Tradition: Ancient Sourdough Bread at Defence Bakery
Welcome to Defence Bakery SINCE 1962, where we take pride in preserving the timeless art of artisanal baking with our Ancient Sourdough Bread. Our sourdough bread is a testament to authentic product, crafted using, traditional techniques and methods. Each loaf is made with care, allowing the natural fermentation process to develop rich flavours and a distinctive tangy taste. DB sourdough has a crispy crust coupled with a soft and the airy interior; that way, it is the idyllic sample for the application for the spreads or just to be eaten alone. If you have been a die-hard sourdough fan for ages; or just trying to feel the experience of making your own slight variations in the bakery shop around the corners of your neighbourhood, our Ancient Sourdough Bread is an experience like no othe.  At Defence Bakery SINCE 1962, we pledge to authenticity and quality, thus every bite of our Ancient Sourdough Bread is an assuring taste of authentic bread made with the wild yeast.